Actiphy Releases ActiveImage Protector 2022 Backup and Recovery Solution Featuring Direct-To-Cloud Backup and In-Cloud Recovery

21-10-26 NEWS

Actiphy Releases ActiveImage Protector 2022 Backup and Recovery Solution Featuring Direct-To-Cloud Backup and In-Cloud Recovery

Wildomar, CA — November 12, 2021, Actiphy Inc., a leading publisher of backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization software, announces the release of ActiveImage Protector 2022 featuring direct-to-cloud backup, in-cloud recovery, and a new agentless and agent-based hybrid licensing option.

This new version can now backup and restore directly to and from public cloud services and SFTP servers. With new In-Cloud Recovery, backup images can be restored as VMs in the cloud environment. New LTO Tape Support provides high speed backup of bulk data to high capacity tape storage solutions to ensure long-term archival stability. Point-in-time file and folder backup, a frequently requested feature, has been included in this release.


ActiveImage Protector 2022. On-Premise Strong, Cloud Stronger.

New Features

  • Direct-To-Cloud Backup
    Backup systems directly to cloud storage. Supported public cloud storage services include Amazon S3 and Azure as backup destinations. In addition, Direct-To-Cloud Backup also supports SFTP servers as backup destinations.
  • In-Cloud Recovery
    Any backup image can be restored directly to a virtual machine within the same cloud environment. In-Cloud Recovery offers an easy system migration of on-premise virtual or physical machines directly to cloud environments.
  • Actiphy Portal Service (APS)
    A powerful new on-line monitoring portal designed for Managed Service Providers (MSP), distributors and resellers. APS provides monitoring ActiveImage Protector (AIP) clients, collecting backup logs and generating reports of AIP clients’ task status.
  • LTO Tape Support
    Support for LTO as a backup destination. Backup data saved on tape can be physically isolated from ransomware attacks and ensures long-term archival stability.
  • File Backup
    A new file backup option providing granular point-in-time backup and restore of specific files and folders.
  • RescueBoot
    Adds an optional boot recovery environment to the system boot menu.
  • Disk-To-Disk Copy
    A new disk-to-disk copy option that supports virtual disks, physical disks, and volumes, for a complete sector by sector copy.
  • Offline Environment Activation Support
    With Actiphy Authentication Service (AAS) or a license file, ActiveImage Protector agents can be activated in an off-line environment.
  • iSCSI Target Server
    Utilize iSCSI targets and NFS exports to emulate backup images as virtual disk files for flexible and immediate recovery or migration.
  • Subscription License
    Annual, three-year, five-year subscription and perpetual licenses are now available.
  • Hybrid Licensing for Server Edition
    Selectable Agent-based or Agentless Backup licensing is now available for server edition.
  • Additional Linux Distributions Support
    ActiveImage Protector Linux edition now supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS, Debian 9/10/11, RedHat 8.4, Rocky Linux 8, Alma Linux 8 and Amazon Linux 2.


ActiveImage Protector 2022 is a backup and recovery solution that protects physical and virtual, Windows and Linux environments. The AIP solution includes all the tools necessary for enterprise level deployment and management of backup, recovery, standby switch-over, and migration.

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