The well-known tourism industry

1. Industry introduction In response to the epidemic and ransomware, the general public is generally unable to travel abroad and is worried about the spread of the domestic epidemic. Companies are careful about the efficiency and budget of backup. Even under this premise, owners still need to strengthen a more complete information architecture. In order to prevent ransomware and prevent the interruption of the information system from affecting the operation of business processes, it is necessary to actively create a complete backup mechanism in order to maintain its leading position in the industry. The client in this case is a large-scale well-known tourism industry, which specializes in providing diversified domestic and foreign tourism, car rental, information and other services. There are hundreds of physical service bases in Taiwan. Starstar's advanced positioning is to assist distributors in planning the backup structure of the client, network environment, improve the level of information security, and provide professional advice. In this project, it is necessary to meet the customer's requirements for large-scale data storage, control, and budget, and create a complete information architecture for backup and backup.   2. Environment 1. Hyper-V & VMware Host 30~40 2. Windows 2012, Linux, SQL, exchange 3. The total data volume is 20TB   3. Needs and challenges 1. In this case, the client used to regularly backup SQL data to large storage devices through script writing, but the old backup mechanism could not cover all of the client's overall application system and database. 2. A more efficient database with backup schedule of the whole machine is needed, and it can complete a large amount of data. 3. Extortion viruses are rampant, and the existing information security level is insufficient, which leads to an increase in information security risks. 4. Professional manufacturers are required to assist in installation, provide consulting services and planning suggestions. 5. In response to the epidemic, the cost must meet the current budget The above challenges have caused customers to start thinking about creating a new backup mechanism to reduce the time for application system recovery.   4. Solution 1. Optimized backup architecture: system backup time point, remote copy, timely backup. 2. Hyper-V & VMware completed vStandby on a different machine, which can complete 20T data backup, improve the backup speed, and perform disaster recovery drills and verifications in simple steps, and finally achieve the backup 321 principle. 3. AIP provides anti-ransomware functions, automatically disconnects the backup network, and can immediately recover from the state before infection. The disaster recovery mechanism is complete and the success rate is over 99%. 4. Shida provides comprehensive manpower and detailed planning, and provides professional advice from customer needs. 5. A low-budget and high-efficiency solution.   5.Benefit + architecture diagram Discuss beforehand, assess risksExisting VMware Host + Hyper-V Host, in addition to verifying that the data backup can be successfully restored, when a disaster occurs, it can be completed within their limited time. The project in this case is expensive. In addition to the basic backup installation settings, it is limited by a limited budget. Under this situation, we are faced with the problem of low budget and high implementation difficulty.   Build a new backup system and information security mechanismSida provides complete planning and technical support, assists IT personnel, implements the dismantling phase, and integrates all Virtual Hosts. First, perform complete backups of physical machines, virtual machines, and data sectors through AIP; and schedule a period of time to shut down one after another, perform verification and restore on a different machine, and use the AIP information security protection disconnection function, and the network card will be activated when the backup is completed, and the backup is completed After the network card is automatically closed, the entire case can be backed up, different machine backup, and basic information security protection through AIP, which can be solved at one time.   Professional and complete technical servicesIn addition to the complete functions of the product itself, during the project implementation process, the dealers and customers of this case also deeply felt the professional and technical service energy possessed by Shida's advanced technology. Under the condition that the new backup system extends to virtual machines, databases and other systems, as well as the limited manpower of the customer information department, with the help of Startech advanced technology and the assistance of distributors, the work of parameter optimization setting was successfully completed, which greatly shortened The time the system was built.