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Actiphy (AIP)

System backup

New backup and disaster recovery standards
Actiphy's solutions protect companies from IT disasters, human error and malicious activities.
Traditional backup and recovery methods are no longer reliable. Also, they do not fulfil the requirements of today's recovery time goals.
ActiveImage Protector always protects all your data silently. It also provides the fastest recovery options on the market today.
System backup System backup

A Single Solution For ALL Your Business Continuity Needs

<p>A Single Solution For ALL Your Business Continuity Needs</p>


Restore system services within 5 minutes after the disaster
ActiveImage Protector has a truly unique fast recovery method that can save your system recovery time after a disaster.
Incremental backup every 5 minutes
Fast incremental backup can restore data before accidental deletion of files, hardware damage, or malware attack, the data gap is only 5 minutes!
Protect the mixed environment
One solution can satisfy all your backup and recovery needs.
Free remote backup copy of local, remote and cloud
ActiveImage Protector provides free remote copy function, whether it is local, remote or upload to the cloud.
Flexible restoration, migration and failure recovery
When disaster has occurred, ActiveImage Protector will not "get you into trouble." You can conduct system recovery according to your unique situation.
Deduplication compression function
When performing online backups for sectors or disks, duplicate data is eliminated and compressed to greatly reduce the size of the image file, reducing the need for backup storage space effectively.
Recovery test,anytime and anywhere
Most of backup and disaster recovery procedures fail due to insufficient test plans. Conducting recovery tests anytime, anywhere is a unique feature of ActiveImage Protector , while it is a missing part of most disaster recovery plans.

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