ActiveImage Protector Desktop
ActiveImage Protector Desktop
ActiveImage Protector Desktop
ActiveImage Protector Desktop

ActiveImage Protector Desktop

ActiveImage Protector™ Desktop Edition

ActiveImage Protector is an enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery solution that supports both physical and virtual (Hyper-V/VMware), Windows/Linux, On-Premise/Cloud environments. ActiveImage Protector is the fastest and most powerful data protection solutions on the market, and provides all the necessary tools for enterprise deployment and management, immediate system recovery, switch-over availability, and virtual migration.


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Product Description

Image based backup
ActiveImage Protector™ backs up your entire machine, including the OS, settings, data files and applications, and access rights into a single image file. When disaster strikes, select a backup image to quickly restore for a fast and complete recovery.


Direct-To-Cloud Backup
Backup systems directly to cloud storage. Supported public cloud storage services include Amazon S3 and Azure as backup destinations. In addition, Direct-To-Cloud Backup also supports SFTP servers as backup destinations.


File Backup
A new file backup option providing granular point-in-time backup and restore of specific files and folders.


Recover files and folders in seconds
There is no need to restore the entire system to recover files and folders. Use the file recovery wizard for granular access to files and folders and quickly recovers what you need including access privileges.


Faster and smaller backup with Smart Sector™ technology
ActiveImage Protector™’s Smart Sector™ technology only backs up the used sectors on a disk, resulting in faster backup and smaller backup files.


Bootability check by BootCheck™
BootCheck™ provides confidence that your backup images are bootable from local or remote Hyper-V hosts. BootCheck™ confirms bootability of a virtual machine directly from a backup image file.


Save storage space with IDDC
Our Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature eliminates duplicate data while simultaneously compressing it, resulting in a significant reduction in backup storage requirements. An included advanced option, IDDC has no impact on backup processing time. No additional deduplication hardware or software purchase is necessary.


Fast incremental backups
ActiveImage Protector™ includes a self developed change tracking driver that enables us to track the changes that occur on a volume incremental backups. Fast and efficient incremental backup includes only sectors that have changed from the last backuping saving you both process time and storage space. 


Flexible scheduling
Schedule a backup to execute on a schedule that meets your needs. Flexible multi triggered scheduling lets you create full and incremental backups on specific days, daily, weekly, monthly or specific days or week in a month.


Boot Environment
Perform faster disaster recovery and cold back-ups with ActiveImage Protector’s™ Windows PE and Linux based boot environments. Linux-based Boot Environment boots up on memory. Windows-based Boot Environment can be built without installation of Windows ADK.


Disk-To-Disk Copy
A new disk-to-disk copy option that supports physical disks and volumes, for a complete sector by sector copy. The Disk-to-disk Copy feature can select the entire disk or a specific volume to copy, or copy to a higher capacity disk or volume.


Boot backup images instantly using HyperBoot™
Using Actiphy’s real-time virtual conversion technology, HyperBoot bypasses the lengthy, resource intensive, and cumbersome physical to virtual conversion process, and boots the backup as a virtual machine in minimal time. Changes made while running the virtual machine from a backup are saved as differential files. A proverbial “Spare Wheel” for recovery, migration testing, repair, or upgrading prior to actual deployment.


Operating System(Desktop)
Windows 10 including October 2020 Update(20H2) / IoT Enterprise 2016 or later (x86/64)



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