ActiveVisor Central control



What is ActiveVisor™?

ActiveVisor™ manages and monitors the state of ActiveImage Protector™ agents for system administrators to maintain system continuity. By collecting information from distributed agents over the network, ActiveVisor™ provides a visual representation of overall system protection, sends email notifications of client backup status, monitors storage space availability of devices, and can administer deployment of agents, schedules, and tasks. System administrators save time, and reduce costs by managing ActiveImage Protector™ agent settings providing peace of mind that continuous and reliable backups are performed.


*ActiveVisor is provided at no additional charge to ActiveImage Protector™ users who have valid annual support service contracts. *ActiveVisor™ is provided at no additional charge to ActiveImage Protector™ users who have valid annual maintenance contracts. *ActiveVisor™ is provided at no additional charge to ActiveImage Protector™ users who have valid annual maintenance contracts.

Advantages of ActiveVisor™

  • System administrators can save time by managing backup source machine settings from a single console.
  • Administrators can manage the client machines from any location by using the browser-based console.
  • In the event of a system failure, ActiveVisor™ is built with a simplified user interface that displays a table with information on machine specific failures so that system recovery can be initiated immediately.
  • When an unexpected delay in the backup task occurs, the console displays an easy-to-understand metric of backup status.

Graphical Dashboard

The dashboard window provides a graphical representation of computers on the network, ActiveImage Protector’s client machines, and visually draws attention to the status of task execution.

Managed Client Grouping

Clients can be grouped for management purposes. Groups can be rearranged, if necessary, based on changes to a systems configuration.

Detailed and Flexible Scheduling

Schedules may be configured based on individual client requirements, or apply a predefined scheduled template to deploy a pattern-based backup schedule to groups of clients.

Monitor client status

ActiveVisor™ provides a monitoring feature enabling you to monitor the backup status, task execution and client status. Using the monitoring panel separate from ActiveVisor™console displays a list of the target clients for constant monitoring of the latest changes occurring on the clients.

Collect log information

By regularly collecting information from distributed agents on client machines over the network, ActiveVisor™ displays task execution logs for managed clients, and provides pre-emptive information such as insufficient space for storage management.

Creating templates for Agentless backup

The Template Wizard guides you through creating ActiveImage Protector™ Agentless (HyperAgent™) backup templates. This streamlines the backup setting process by deploying the created backup templates with the configured settings to the selected virtual machines.

Deploy templates to client PCs

Create Backup Task, Schedule, vStandby and Client Settings Templates for deployment to the managed clients individually or in a batch to a number of selected clients at once.

Push Install

The Push Installer locates unmanaged machines in the domain or workgroup and remotely pushes ActiveImage Protector™ to the unmanaged client machine. Push installing ActiveImage Protector™ software patches and updates to client machine are also available.

Visual Alert

In the event of a system failure, ActiveVisor™ provides table views illustrating where the failure occurred, so the affected system can be recovered quickly.



System Requirements

Pentium 4 or above


Main Memory:
2048MB or more is required.
※4096MB or more is recommended.


Hard Disk Space:
500MB or more is required.


Internet connection:
Required for client management operation and updating the product.


Web Browser
The following Web browsers are supported for Web access.
Google Chrome Version 59 or later
Microsoft Edge Version 42 or later
Apple Safari Version 12 or later


Screen Resolution
1280×1024 or above is recommended.


Recommended Operating Systems
Windows 10 (x64), Windows Server 2012R2 or later OS
※If User Account Control is enabled in desktop OS, etc., the program may ask for your permission to proceed with further operation.
If you get the prompt dialog, select [Allow] to proceed with the wizard operation.


Managed Agent Version
ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update Version or later