ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro Edition



What is ActiveImage Protector™ ?

ActiveImage Protector is an enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery solution that supports both physical and virtual (Hyper-V/VMware), Windows/Linux, On-Premise/Cloud environments. ActiveImage Protector is the fastest and most powerful data protection solutions on the market, and provides all the necessary tools for enterprise deployment and management, immediate system recovery, switch-over availability, and virtual migration.


Image based backup /recovery solution for IT professional

ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro is an image based backup solution designed for IT professionals who need to back up and install OS/applications on a fairly frequent basis at the clients workplace. ActiveImage Protector™ backs up your entire hard disk, including the operating system along with all your applications and data. The backups are saved to any available storage location, including local hard disk, USB flash memory, cloud storage, network storage such as NAS and LTO tape.

No installation required

ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro is designed for IT professionals who need to frequently back up multiple computer systems or who need a tool kit on the go. ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro enables professionals to take application consistent backups, including applications and data, of running operating system without installing any software on the system. Users can avoid installing non-certified software in production environments that may have software installation limitations.

License designed for IT professionals at an affordable price

ActiveImage Protector™IT Pro is offered on a subscription basis, licensed per technician, allowing one technician to backup and restore an unlimited number of systems (server/desktop) on an unlimited number of machines for a period of one year. 

Fast Incremental Backup

Fast and efficient incremental backup includes only sectors that have changed from the last backup. The incremental backup saves both process time and storage space.

Faster and smaller backup with Smart Sector™ technology

ActiveImage Protector™’s Smart Sector™ technology backs up only the used sectors on a disk, resulting in faster backup and smaller backup files.

Direct-To-Cloud Backup

Backup systems directly to cloud storage. Supported public cloud storage services include S3 compatible object storage and Azure Storage. SFTP protocol is also supported.

Save storage space with IDDC

Our Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature eliminates duplicate data while simultaneously compressing it, resulting in a significant reduction in backup storage requirements. An included advanced option, IDDC has no impact on backup processing time. No additional deduplication hardware or software purchase is necessary.

Ensure full-state recovery

ActiveImage Protector™ backs up your entire hard disk including the operating system in a single operation. In the event of a hardware failure, the system can be restored to a different physical machine or a virtual machine.

IT Pro Creator wizard for creating boot media

ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro provides IT Pro Creator guiding through every steps to create a boot media. Now supports ADK for Windows 11/ Windows Server 2022 and Windows RE.



ActiveImage Protector™IT Pro

ActiveImage Protector™ IT Pro is an image based backup solution designed for IT professionals who perform backup and installations.
Without installing a backup program or drivers on a server, a hot-image backup of a live server can be performed.
For one year, a single IT Technician is licensed to perform unlimited backups on virtual or physical servers and desktop PCs.


System Requirements

Pentium 4 or above

Main Memory:
2GB or more.

Hard Disk
1.5GB or more of available disk space.

DVD-ROM Drive:
is needed to install, boot or start up ActiveImage Protector’s Boot Environment


Operating System
ActiveImage Protector IT Pro:

Windows 10 (x64) or later version of Windows Desktop OS,
Windows Server 2012 R2 or later version of Windows Server OS
Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage

Active Image Protector  IT Pro Creator:

Windows 10(x64)
Windows Server 2012 R2 or later version of Windows Server OS
If User Account Control is enabled in the desktop OS, the program may request your permission to proceed with further operation. If so, select [Allow] to for the wizard to proceed.


Support File System
Hot Imaging

The above file systems are supported on MBR and GPT disks.
The above mentioned file systems of virtual disks on Storage Space configured with Windows 8 or later are supported.

Cold Imaging

The file system on Storage Space and ReFS are supported only if the boot environment is created by using the Windows ADK that supports the file system on Storage Space and ReFS.

Using the Windows ADK or AIK, the Windows PE based boot environment builder or IT Pro Edition Creator guides you through creation of boot environment.

Parallel ATA, Serial ATA (including eSATA), SCSI, SAS, iSCSI, SAN (Fibre Channel), USB, FireWire (IEEE 1394), network shared folders compatible with file sharing SMB/CIFS protocols(shared folders of Windows OS and Samba), and virtual hard disks created in storage

A virtual conversion cannot be performed if the sector size of a hard disk is 512 bytes or more.


System requirements for Deduplication are as follows:

A volume with available space of 1% or more of the total volume size of the backup source is required as the working area other than the storage space for backup image files.

Dual core processor or above (recommended)

Main Memory:
8GB or above (recommended)

Intel Itanium(IA-64)based systems are not supported.